Tracking My Numbers​

You can not manage what you do not measure. This is where I track all my numbers (weight, food, water etc.)​


This is what I will be focusing on regarding nutrition


I have not done ANY workout except walking almost daily, either 2km or 4km.

Vital Statistics

This is where I keep track of my weight and other stats

focus mwle

What I focus on, I FIND

What I focus on, seems REAL

What I focus on, GROWS

What I focus on, ultimately I BECOME


This is my weight for the first 2 weeks (in kilograms)

my weight loss experiment weight
my weight loss experiment weight


3.7 KG

8.1 LBS

"Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first"


I will be tapering my nutrition so that it is not a shock to the system. In other words, I will be cutting back more and more every week to get to the ultimate eating plan.

Am I going to count calories?

Yes, I will be counting calories so that I can actually be 100% sure of what I put into my mouth. A lot of times people don’t realise how much they are eating and I suspect that is what happened to me.

Will I follow the "Food pyramid" guidelines?

No, I won’t be following the standard food pyramid as people know it. I will follow a carnivore/keto diet where most of my calories will come from meat & fats.

What am I going to drink?

I will focus on trying to drink between 2 & 3 litres of water per day. I will move towards 1 cup of coffee per day and ultimately wine every second night only.

What about intermittent fasting (IF)?

I will definitely be incorporating IF in my regime. This could be a 16-8 window (16hr fasting window and 8hr eating window) or even 60hr fastings.


Calories for the first week - not very accurate as I am still getting to know the app

My weight loss experiment calories