Day 2 My Weight Loss Experiment

Day 2

So I made it to day 2 and I am killing this! 🙂 I decided not to measure myself regularly, maybe every 30 days or so, but only jump on the scale every now and again. So I jumped on the scale this morning and I am 600g down!!! Yes, that is 1.3lbs! WOW! Obviously I realise that the closer I will get to my ideal weight the more difficult it might be losing the weight, but I am enjoying the early wins for now.

I’ve done really well with my water today as well. I’ll probably get close to 3 litres.

I’m trying not to pour my glass of wine before I start eating my steak at night. I think that is going to be the key to my success. I could easily finish 2 glasses of wine as pre-dinner drinks.

I have also done my sun salutation and S/P/S-routine (situps/pushups/squats).

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