My Weight Loss ​

Can I Really Lose 15 Pounds in 90 Days*?


*This is only an experiment and I am not saying that you will be losing 15lbs in 90 days.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

My Weight Loss Experiment

This is me with my mother in early December 2019. She is turning 84 years old in June. A remarkable woman (with less grey hair than me!)

Who am I and what am I trying to do?

My name is Mietsie. I am a South African living in Australia. The last few years I have been progressively slack with my nutrition and exercise and the weight has crept up on me. 

This is my journey to get back to my pre-wedding state. This means I have to take drastic measures as my wedding anniversary is only 90 days away, hence the challenge to myself. 23rd of August 2020 is D-DAY.

Please join me on this adventure to see how I go 🙂 

These are the Areas I will be focusing on

My Weight Loss Experiment
My Weight Loss Experiment


I will be looking at different eating plans and calories to fit my lifestyle

My Weight Loss Experiment
My Weight Loss Experiment


I will be looking at different workouts focusing on strength and fat burning

My Weight Loss Experiment


One of the biggest areas that will determine the level of my success is going to be my mindset

My Weight Loss Experiment
My Weight Loss Experiment


If you want to know what's going on and how successful you are, you need to measure everything

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Day 2 My Weight Loss Experiment

Day 2

So I made it to day 2 and I am killing this! 🙂 I decided not to measure myself regularly, maybe every 30 days or

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My Plan

My plan is very simple; make a few small changes and watch how it will exponentially impact my health and shape. I will focus on

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